Orange Fleshed Seedless Watermelon Varieties

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Orange Sunshine

Approx. Days To Maturity - 90

Avg. Shape - Round/Oval

Average Weight - 17 - 19 lbs.

Flesh - Orange, Crisp

Rind - Medium green with broad, dark green stripes


Full season "seedless" triploid watermelon.

All seeds bred and produced in the USA.

Unsurpassed sweetness and flavor for this deep orange (not yellow) flesh

(11-12% sugar content).

Superb for cut melon sales and food service industry, slices hold crisp and appetizing appearance longer than red varieties.

Excellent yield potential, round to slightly oval fruit

Tough sunburn resistant rind of medium thickness makes for excellent long distance shipping.

May contain an occasional seed/ pollinator required.

No documented disease resistance or tolerance.